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3 Awesome Ideas to Get Your Event Remembered

We know how it is. You’re planning your birthday party, Christmas do, wedding reception, general merriment-making event, whatever. And you’re thinking, ‘How the devil do I ensure that this one gets remembered in a good way.’ Because no-one wants a repeat of Daniel Tatler’s 8th birthday party when the cake was stale, the bouncy castle got a hole in it, and it was just you and his dad in attendance. So here’s a few quick tips for making your awesome event even awesomer.


Fancy Dress

Everyone loves dressing up. And even if they don’t, they’ll still do it since they don’t want to be the odd one out. The trick is to make your fancy dress simultaneously broad yet focussed. A superheroes party is wicked-cool; a Spider-man party is just boring. After all, there are only so many puns you can make on the word ‘web’, and seeing everyone dressed identically is devastatingly dull. Be outrageous, give your guests tons of scope, and take the praise you’ll undoubtedly receive for your 21st century spin on ‘tarts and vicars’.


Silent Disco

Ah, the silent disco. Never been? Shhh. Keep it down. It’s the anti-social event of the season. Just like social media which is anything but, you’re with people, but you’re not really with them – you’re lost in your own groove-trance-tastic tunes. Plug your headphones in, crank up the volume and dance with people who are all listening to the same playlist. Maybe. I mean, if you really, really want to listen to a bit of the ol’ Tom Jones, who’s gonna know, right?



 Show me someone who’s never sung in the shower, and we’ll show you a liar. Well, time to translate that ‘skill’ to the stage. Karaoke, especially boozy karaoke, can be the highlight of any night. There’s a wealth of songs to sing, and even better you get to live out your rock star dreams. And hey, no-one cares if your singing sucks, because everyone else is just as awful. Unless you’re a professional singer – then you have no excuse.


So those are a few tips for creating a memorable event. Want a hand making your party outstanding? Here at London Disco Hire we offer all the equipment you need, from jukeboxes to karaoke hire in London. For more info, and to see how we can help, simply contact us on 020 3333 4444 or email and let’s get your party started. 

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