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5 Mind-Blowing Projection Mapping Demos


Projection mapping is an excellent special effects technique where a video is projected onto something unlike a screen. The best examples are all where the object that is being projected onto is transformed and used in the video to create a surreal experience for those watching. We’ve found five of the most mind-blowing examples for you.

#1 - Battersea Power Station

To raise awareness for its redevelopment, Battersea Power Station planned a brilliant projection mapping show. Produced by UK agency Drive, the projection mapping demo projected several scenes including cogs inside the power station, a music performance and a games console playing a game. The demo was exceptional because of the way that it transformed the power station rather than just projected an image onto it.

#2 - The 600 Years

A projection mapping demo was planned for the 600th birthday of Prague’s Astronomical Clock. The ten-minute-long demo shows the history of the clock from the architectural plans to the end of the construction plans. The demo also shows some of Prague’s key historical moments.

The 600 Years from the macula on Vimeo

#3 - Box

Bot & Dolly produced a phenomenal video using only projection mapping and robotics, with no post-production special effects added. The video features a performer engaging with a set that transforms and moves around him. The video ends with the quote “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” from Arthur C. Clarke, and this is certainly apt for this production.

#4 - Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House was transformed using projection mapping by the production company Urban Screen. The sail-like roof appeared to change into actual fabric sails, blowing in the wind, before turning scale-like. At one point a performer even appears and moves around the roof.

#5 - Omote Face Projection Mapping

The Japanese art-group Omote produced a real-time face tracking and projection mapping video where a performer’s face appears to gain make-up before she transforms into a robot-like creature. The most amazing part of the production is when the face shows a real-time and very realistic reflection.


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