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The Best Biopics About Musicians (Part Two)

In our continuing series on the best musical biopics, we previously looked at some great flicks, including seeing Gary Oldman take on the role of Sex Pistol Sid Vicious, and Jim Morrison as portrayed by former Batman Val Kilmer. So let’s start part two with the equally awesome Jamie ‘Django’ Foxx in…



Directed by Taylor Hackford – or Mr. Helen Mirren, as nobody calls him – the 2004 biopic Ray spanned an incredible 30 years in the life of legendary musician Ray Charles. It’s a powerhouse performance by Jamie Foxx, who at the time was just another rising Hollywood star, as the rhythm and blues artist who watched his younger brother drown before going blind at the age of 7. Charles overcame those tragic obstacles and went on to become one of the most respected musicians in the genre. Obviously, then, the film was prime Oscar-fodder, so no surprise that it took home 2 Academy Awards, for Best Sound Mixing and Best Actor for Jamie Foxx – which pretty much cemented his star status.


Walk the Line

Another Oscar-winning biopic, Walk the Line was a pretty unflinching look at the life of Johnny Cash. Joaquin Phoenix channels the unchannellable (It is a word. Now, at least) Cash, with his long-suffering wife June played by pretty girl teen star turned serious actor Reece Witherspoon. She must have done something right, netting the Best Actress at the Academy Awards. But she’s not the main attraction: that honour goes to professional mumbler, Johnny. Despite being a country music star, Cash was more rock and roll than most rock stars could ever dream to be. He led a whirlwind life of booze, drugs, women and music that still kicks ass today.



Control is pretty much the exact opposite of Ray and Walk the Line, a low-budget British indie that’s chockfull of emotion. That’s probably best for a film about the monumentally depressed Joy Division singer, Ian Curtis who committed suicide at the age of 23. On his headstone are the fittingly classic lyrics, ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart.’ Curtis here is played by Sam Riley, who draws out the artist’s cool charm – arrogance, even - alongside his dark side. It’s a fairly faithful depiction of the band’s rise and Curtis’ eventual fall, and easily one of the coolest British films of the past decade. But hey, you’d expect it to be, given Control was directed by former Joy Division photographer Anton Corbijn.


Biopics are great ways to get to know the people behind the voice, but it’s no substitute for the music. If you’re putting on an event, we can offer all the equipment and assistance you need, whether it’s speakers or projector hire in London, to make your parties as visually stunning as the movies in this series. Contact us today on 020 3333 4444 or email and our dedicated music masters will be happy to help. 

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