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Can You Hear Me Now? Why You Would Hire a Microphone

It is safe to say we have all been in a position where we hear the phrase bellowed ‘Can you hear me now?’ from the back of the room through a sea of voices. These situations are when the addition of a microphone can make a drastic improvement to the event, no matter what it may be. Here are a few examples of times when a microphone will help and what style of microphone is best for that event.


Wedding Speech

Depending on the size of your wedding party and venue you might want to hire a microphone to make sure that all-important best mans speech gets heard by everybody, even if it is painfully embarrassing. A range of wireless microphones are available to hire to save that unsightly cable hanging about the top table.

Corporate events

If you find yourself preparing an important meeting for a group larger than you are used to and feel that you need a bit of reinforcement to make sure all your important points get across, you may benefit from the use of a microphone. The simple addition of a wireless lapel microphone will be discreet, yet make a world of difference.

Band Nights

You spend months and months rehearsing with your new band and you have decided to organise yourself a night to show off your new skills to your friends, family and hopefully fans! Depending where you have your event you need to make sure people can hear you properly; this is where hiring the right microphones and PA can make all the difference to your sound! This is also a perfect way of experimenting with microphones to find your preferred microphone before you invest.

Whether you are organising one of the above events, or have another opportunity where a microphone is needed, London Disco Hire offer wired and wireless microphone hire in London and have a fantastic range for all your sound reinforcing needs. If you have any questions on this then contact us and speak to one of our knowledgeable members of staff on 020 3333 4444.  

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