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Choosing Your DJ Name – What You Need to Know

There may come a point when you feel that you can take your DJ-ing to the next level of professionalism. You’re going to have to use a name for your bright future as a DJ, but please follow some of these pointers (if not all of them) so that you and your DJ career get taken seriously!


Try to use your own name, however, if your name is pretty common or unmemorable it’s a good enough reason to use a stage name. Think of something unique and clever, because let’s face it, nobody will remember or take “DJ Steve” seriously.

Research is vital. After you have a few concepts for your new snazzy name it’s time to look it up! There’s no point using a name if there are hundreds of DJ’s trying to make it with the same one. The more unique your name is, the easier you’ll be to find online!

Another important reason for researching your potential name is to discover if the name has any hidden meanings, or translates to something weird or worse, offensive. You don’t want people to avoid booking you because of a bad choice in name!

If you’re going to use humour, try to be weird funny and not silly funny, after all you still want to be taken seriously. What do you think of “DJ Vinyl Richie”?

Other key things to remember are to keep it snappy (will need to fit on flyers, etc), try not to spell it in daft punctuation, “DJ $T3V3” will not be searched for!

Once you have come up with your fantastic new name there are other elements you can harness to get that professional touch. One thing to consider is DJ stand hire in London, adding a professional setup to your live performance will instantly give you that pro look, and combined with the perfect set and some good business cards you’re on for a winner.

If you are looking to hire a DJ stand please don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 3333 4444 to speak to a member of our friendly team.


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