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If you’re planning a disco event – whether it’s a family celebration, a charity fundraiser or a commercial venture – you need to plan it thoroughly to make sure that it’s a great night for everyone involved. By following these tips, you’ll be well on the way to success!

DJ.jpgD - DJ on the Decks

It’s important to have somebody on the decks to keep the music flowing – yes, it’s perfectly possible to set up a playlist in advance and just leave it running, but that won’t let you react to the mood on the night or take requests. Get a talented DJ and you know that you’re off to a great start.

I - Invite the Right People

Whether it’s an invitation-only event or one open to the public, your guest list definitely matters. If it’s a family event, you may need to make diplomatic choices, especially if your venue isn’t large enough to invite everyone, so consider your options carefully! For public events, inviting local VIPs can help to boost attendance, but make sure that your guest list isn’t too long, or you could be losing money.

S - Sounds to Move You

There’s no two ways around it – if you want to run a good disco or club night, you need a good sound system and good songs to play on it. Make sure that you get an appropriate system for the size of your venue – you don’t want to either deafen your guests or have them struggling to hear the music over the chatter in a large room – and choose the right music for your crowd.

C - Create an Atmosphere


If your guests walk into a plain room with ordinary tube lighting, they’re going to be pretty disappointed! You can create an atmosphere before your guests even arrive by decorating the room – especially if your night has a particular theme – and setting up disco lighting and maybe even a smoke machine. Other little things can help to create an atmosphere too, like leaving glowsticks on the tables for the guests to dance with!

O – Offer Something Unique

The best way to make sure that your event is the one people talk about for weeks, months or even years is to offer something that no other event does. This may be as simple as playing music from a niche genre that other club nights don’t cater to, employing a unique theme, or offering special drinks. Imagination is key – but remember to balance your creativity with one eye on the practicalities of making it work.

Here at London Disco Hire, we offer everything from DJ stand hire in London to Jagermeister chiller hire in London, making it easy for you to put together all the equipment you need for a stand-out event. For more information or advice from our friendly team, call us on 020 3333 4444, contact us online, or come and see us at our office in London for a chat.

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