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Here at London disco hire we have already posted about why you should use a DJ stand on our blog, and believe that this point could be reinforced with the aid of some case studies. Check out the previous article, ‘Why Use a DJ Stand?’. These DJs all seem to have one thing in common throughout these videos, and can you spot it?


Flosstradamus has some technical difficulties


Flosstradamus are a DJ duo from Chicago, Illinois who have been performing since 2006! At this particular event they seem to be enjoying their set far too much, to the point of knocking their table over. Luckily the tracks keep playing for some reason, but it just looks a little bit lame.

MDBP After-Party Table Fail

Whoever organised the MDPB after party clearly thought a table would suffice. This one enthusiastically dancing chap clearly didn’t know his boundaries and the night didn’t end well for him! Poor chap.

DJ Table Fail


Oh look, another table set up, and surprise surprise, another poor DJs gear all over the floor. Now it’s unsure where this guy is the DJs partner, friend or clumsy fan but we do hope that he got the bill for all the broken gear!

You have probably guessed by now that all these DJs have been using tables and look at the trouble it has got them into. We aren’t saying that tables are bad at being tables, but with a purpose-built DJ stand things could have run a little bit smoother.

Here at London Disco Hire we offer DJ stand hire in London at extremely competitive rates, so you can get the best possible set up for your rig without having to drag a bar table over to your set up area. If you are interested in not failing like these chaps, contact us now on 020 3333 4444 to chat to a member of our fantastic team. 

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