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Getting the Right Lighting for Your Event

Lighting is crucial when setting the right tone for an event, and getting exactly the right levels of light and lighting functions can make or break whether people enjoy your event or not. If you doubt the impact of lighting on atmosphere, imagine a nightclub with the lights on, or watch a horror movie with the lights on; they each lose something that is essential to their appeal. Here at London Disco Hire, we understand the impact of lighting and seek to provide the best possible equipment that will ensure that your event, no matter how big or small, is the talk of the town.

Many of our customers get the balance of speakers and other sound focussed technology perfect with our help, but then forget to ensure that the lighting is apt. With this in mind, we have created a short guide that will hopefully see you in the right direction when you want to get the perfect lighting, and thereby create an amazing atmosphere. We have used the three main types of event that require lighting, and hope to have most of the bases covered.

Family Party

Family parties can be terribly depressing occasions if the mood is not gently led in the right direction. The best way to do this is to drop the main lights and make sure that the dance floor is an inviting prospect for everyone. Key to getting people on their feet is colour; something like a double phase LED light bar will project inviting colours onto the dance floor, and make it an instant target for all dancers, no matter how painfully bad they might be. A disco ball or a moving head spotlight is always a great option for family parties, as it creates a mystery to the evening and ensures that every person in turn is highlighted.


Dance Music Event

Dance music is one of the types of event where lighting is the most crucial. The first key to setting the right mood is actually the absence of light, so you want to make sure that the room is dark. Forget about the dance floor; good dance events should see dancing everywhere in the room, so you want to make sure that people don’t feel self conscious. Once you have made sure that you can get the room suitably dark, you need to focus on setting the right lighting tempo, and the first port of call is the adjustable strobe light. A modern strobe is programmable to match certain BPM, and can match the music that you play perfectly; this gives a real feeling of cohesion that allows people to get into a perfect rhythm and enjoy themselves.


Rock Concert

Rock music fans are a varied crowd, but the good news is that the requirements for success remain pretty much the same for all sectors of the rock music scene. Whether it is the heaviest of metal, or the chart rock that you’d swear was just pop music with actual instruments, the basic principles remain the same. Firstly, like dance music, you need to make sure it is dark; rock music is an expressive outlet and people don’t necessarily want their dance moves to be seen. Once you have ensured this darkness you must understand that the focus of the evening is the band, and that the primary lighting must be focussed in their direction. Whatever kind of band this is, their fans will actually want to see them. Whether they simply want a glimpse of their tattooed good looks or want to see exactly how they perform that elusive and incredible solo, they need to be well lit in order to facilitate this. A great way to do this is to stick with an LED PAR or an LED strip and use them as low level lights; place them on the front of the stage so that the band is up-lit and bathed in light. This up-lighting does two things; by creating huge amounts of light it allows the audience to see every detail of the band, and it also creates a barrier of light so that the band cannot see the audience in too much detail, ensuring that they are more likely to give an inhibition free performance.

Here at London Disco Hire, we can provide all of the lights mentioned above and many more besides at incredible prices. Our DJ Lighting Hire London services mean that you can have all the correct lighting without having to invest heavily, thus avoiding ending up with expensive technology that only gets occasional use. If you are unsure about any aspect of the sound or the lighting for your event, then do not hesitate to contact us today and we will use our years of expertise in order to help you achieve the perfect atmosphere.


Stay tuned to our blog as this is where we like to keep all of our best advice for hiring all kinds of event equipment, as well as keeping up on the best of the music industry and music scene news.

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