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How Disco Got Lucky (Again)

Where did disc-go?

Disco music is great if you’re putting on a specific event where you know the audience are going to appreciate a good old 70s party track. They’re popular at 40th birthday parties, 80s themed nights, and clubs where people are relaxed enough to accept the cheesy music. Disco is a genre that people harbour a passion for privately, but it’s not cool to blast it on the radio. The likelihood of disco’s death was probably the rise of 80s rock, when DJs fell in love with the more metallic sounds of Queen and Led Zeppelin. Just like many musical trends, they get overtaken by something new, and only fanatics and people with tailored tastes get left behind to polish their vinyl.

The middle of 2013 has certainly seen a significant revival for funky, bass heavy tunes from new artists such as Robin Thicke, well-established artists such as Justin Timberlake and legendary acts like Nile Rogers and Daft Punk. It seems an unlikely time for a disco revival, when there are so many competing genres. Most young people are immersed in electronic dance music or R&B, or are in a contrasting but just as popular camp such as punk and heavy metal.

This is no Daft Revival

The perky beat of disco is undeniably upbeat and the funky riffs are irresistible to dance to, which means that the music is club, pub and party friendly. One possible cause is the feel good, forget yourself factor that comes with the music. Disco was born in the 1970s at a time when there was an economic slump to rival today’s recession. Today’s difficult economic situation encourages people to work hard, but really let their hair down at the weekend and use escapism to feel better. Another influence is the trend for all things retro. From 70s fashion trends on the highstreet, to a boom in Marvel Comic films, retro is definitely cool. Daft Punk relaunched this year’s disco trend with their single “Get Lucky”, which is the most streamed song ever on Spotify.

The second single from Daft Punk’s new album, “Lose Yourself to Dance”, is just as catchy and even more retro than the first single. “Get Lucky” has elements of synth-pop, whereas “Lose Yourself to Dance” is all about the groove, with riffs from Nile Rogers. And if the music wasn’t enough to convince you that this is organic disco at its purest, the accompanying music video will take you all the way back to 1977. The band is positioned on a tiny central stage in what looks like a space ship, wearing the flashiest matching sequin jackets. The soft blue spotlighting and LED lanterns illuminate them like silver statues, but it is done to such an understated level that it looks classy and space-age rather than tacky.

DIY Disco

If you want to personally add to the disco come-back and host your own, that’s where we come in. We have all the equipment you need to turn a hall or hotel into a dazzling disco dream. All you need is some groovy tunes, both old and new, a suitable venue and a few choice beams from our disco lighting hire in London and you’re disco-ready. There are plenty of upcoming opportunities for a disco with winter closing in, so get your equipment booked now for your office Christmas do or New Year’s party.

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