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Projectors create many opportunities for you to improve any event that you’re planning, and can add a whole different dimension to an occasion. Whether you’re planning a wedding, gig, corporate event or lecture, there are many possibilities for projector use, and if you take advantage of them then you could end up with an event ten times better than it was going to be. We’ve chosen a few uses for projectors to give you a few ideas on how you can make your event even better.


Improve a band with an accompanying video or slideshow

Music is great for an event, but bands and DJs mostly put on an audio show rather than a visual one. Although there are visual aspects to their performance, there’s an opportunity for something more, and you can do this by using a projector to show an accompanying video or slideshow of images. They don’t need to be anything specific; as long as they work well with the music then there will be a good effect. One example that would work well is a wedding band accompanied by a slideshow of images of the married couple shown as they dance their first dance.


Improve your talk with a slideshow

If you are putting on a show or a lecture then it is expected that you will have a visual slideshow accompanying you. Because everybody uses slideshows, you need to go above and beyond if you want to impress your audience. This means that you need to have a high quality projector showing a well designed slideshow that visually explains what you are talking about. Slideshows are a brilliant opportunity for you to make your talk more memorable and effective, and if you plan a great slideshow then it’s bound to go down well.


Have an automated slideshow

The projection doesn’t need to be the feature of the event; it’s possible to have it as something that is going on in the background. Slideshows can be automated, so you could have a collection of photos being looped without you needing to operate the computer. This means that you can keep people at an event from being bored without having to actively operate anything or interact with the audience. If the presentation is something that could be shown without a talking accompaniment, then it could simply be automated and looped for people to take a look whenever they like.


If you’re looking for projector hire in London then here at London Disco Hire we can certainly help. We are dedicated to providing the best range of affordable event equipment so that you can make sure your event is the best that it could be. If you would like any more information then don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 3333 4444

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