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Let’s Dance… Without Humiliating Ourselves

Sep 02, 2014

Here at London Disco Hire, we like to help people out. We’ve already saved the tone-deaf from karaoke embarrassment with some handy advice on songs you just can’t mess up, but today it’s salvation for the terrible dancers of this world we’re doling out.


If you’re unfortunate enough to be one of those people cursed with two left feet then read on, because we’ve got some great advice that will save the dance-floor dignity of even the most rhythmically challenged individuals.

You don’t have to be great…

Firstly, remember that there’s no need to aim high when dancing! You only need to be good enough to blend in with all the other people on the dance floor without attracting negative attention to yourself. When it comes to dancing at parties or in a nightclub, the bare minimum will get you a passing grade.

Use some social lubricant…

Acquiring a little instant confidence via a couple of drinks ought to loosen you up enough to dance. A word of warning though; overdoing the booze isn’t going to end well if you’re already an incompetent dancer.

Move your feet…

That’s what dancing is after all, right? Move your feet in time to the music, just don’t do anything too exaggerated and you’ll get away with this.


Use your arms too…

If you see other people dancing, then you’ll notice that they move their arms and their whole body, not just their feet. Don’t let your arms hand limply by your side, get them involved and mix up your movements a bit. Don’t be afraid to put your shoulders into it too.

Enjoy yourself…

If you look like you’re enjoying yourself, you’ll come across as a better dancer. If you’re scowling or look bored and uninterested it isn’t going to help matters. Smile, this is meant to be fun.

Remember nobody actually cares about your dancing…

There really isn’t any need to be self-conscious about your dancing. The odds are that at any party you’re attending you’ll be surrounded by awful dancers, but they’re all too drunk and enjoying themselves to worry about it. We advise you do the same; stop caring about your dancing, because nobody else does, just get on the floor and have fun!

Hosting a party or event in London? Will there be music? Will there be dancing? If so, you’ll need some serious equipment! Don’t hesitate to call the specialists in event PA hire in London on 020 3333 4444. We’ll be happy to provide you with a quote for all the equipment you need to ensure that your party goes down in history. Contact London Disco Hire today for more information!


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