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Performance Enhancing Tips for Aspiring DJs

The art of DJing has increasingly developed over time, and apart from the basics there is now a large list of skills, tricks and other concepts that you need to master to become an outstanding DJ. Many modern DJs have introduced different styles and techniques to enhance their on-stage aura, and these unique traits have been proven to work.

As an established company that has been operating within the live music and DJ equipment hire industry for many years now, we have encountered many experienced DJs who display in-depth insight into the art that is DJing. This has enabled us to notice some of the best on-stage characteristics that other aspiring DJs can use to give themselves a confidence boost, thereby getting the crowd on their feet all night long!  

Practice and Plan

It is true that, in order to emulate the elite, you need to practice like the elite. Yes, even the experienced need to polish the rough edges too! Many established DJs dedicate hours of practice towards perfecting their performance. Allowing practice time enables you to get familiar with the music you will be playing, the equipment you will use and, more importantly, choosing the right music for the audience. Ensure you also choose songs that tie in or mix in well together, as this inevitably gives a more fluent performance.

Don’t Over Use the Effects

The modern DJing techniques that we mentioned earlier have mainly been promoted by the modernised DJing equipment. Developed decks have an extensive array of effects that allow the DJ to add a unique and personal touch to the beat. However, it is important to avoid overusing these effects. Altering the sound can enhance the quality when mixing two songs, but repeated use of the same effect can come across as annoying.


Apart from practising your set and mastering your techniques, you need to ensure that you have the best equipment for the event. It is common that many DJs simply hire their equipment, and if you choose to do so then make sure you take some time to familiarise yourself with the buttons and other relevant functions. If you regularly hire DJ equipment, it is a good idea to use the services of one company so you get thoroughly used to their equipment, as this tends to avoid confusion.

At London Disco Hire, we provide top quality DJ equipment that can help you liven up any musical atmosphere. We are a company specialising in DJ decks hire in London, and we have a varied range of DJ equipment that you can choose from to enhance your performance as an entertainment provider. Take the tips we have provided into consideration, and you will surely be a hit with the crowds!


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