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The Science Of Sound


Speaker generated sound that we experience every day, usually hundreds of times every day. Whether it is the radio in our cars our own playlist played directly into our ears via our headphones, we encounter speakers on a day to day basis. Do we ever really give much thought to how the sound that we hear is actually created though? We take it for granted that we can regularly listen to our favourite music faithfully recreated by our speakers but do not consider the development and technology that has gone into this.


In 1921 the world’s first loudspeaker was invented and the way in which we hear and utilise recorded sound changed forever. The science of the common speaker is in some ways an incredibly simple idea; the simple idea of it is to use a coupling of an electromagnet as well as a stationary magnet to manipulate a cone which in turn creates sound waves. The electromagnet receives a constantly changing current which alters its resistance to the fixed magnet and exerting a constantly changing influence on the cone. Most speakers actually contain two speakers of different sizes to distribute both high and low frequency sounds.

These currents and their influences are received by our ears and are recognised as sounds; even the simplest of speakers can produce a huge range of sounds.  There are certain times though when the quality and volume of your music is absolutely crucial such as when you are hosting a party or an event. At these times you want to make sure that your speakers can be heard and enjoyed by everyone present, usually though this sort of range is beyond the capabilities of everyday speakers and calls for professional speaker or PA equipment.

With a professional speaker system you the principles are the same but the size of the speakers are multiplied. Huge speakers that can propel sound much further and with far more intensity than the speakers present in domestic systems. These professional systems are understandably a large investment and it is not advisable to make this investment if you simply need them for one occasion. A far more effective move is to rent a professional speaker system to make sure that your pocket and your ears are happy with the music at your next event.

Here at London Disco Hire we specialise in providing speaker hire in London and have a wide range of professional sound systems for you to choose from. Whether you are the chosen DJ at the next family party or you want to make sure your band can give the audience an aural experience to remember

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