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Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Bass?

The bassist is very possibly the most vital instrumentalist within any band or group, as they provide music with what is known as both ‘rhythmic’ and ‘harmonic’ foundation. The former foundation creates the rhythmic pulse that is common to most truly catchy music numbers, and songs that have a steady pulse are invariably well received by their audiences. The latter foundation involves the bassist supplying a song with adequate musical ‘harmony’. We always hear a group of simultaneously played notes in relation to the lowest of these notes; as this note is almost invariably produced by the bass, the role of the bassist in this respect is paramount.

Although the actual purpose of bass notes are often overlooked by many people, bass undoubtedly retains a vocal and dedicated following that seemingly can’t get enough of a good bass-line. Such aficionados will often complain loudly if there is a lack of bass present at your musical event. So, is it actually possible to go overboard with bass? The sensible answer to this question is, of course, ‘yes’. Most people tend to prefer too much bass, rather than too little, but an excessive amoLondon_Disco_Subwoofer.jpgunt of bass will rob sound of clarity, obscure vocals or lead guitar riffs, and also distort music to the extent that you’ll actually be forced to turn the volume down.

Balancing the bass in your sound system will naturally come down to an element of personal taste, but clearly some restraint is in order. However, the one thing you must ensure is that your sound system is capable of delivering a bass note that is deep, rich and powerful. Small speakers might often promise a memorable bass-line, but all too often they fail to deliver. When it comes to bass, nothing beats a professional subwoofer. A subwoofer is a dedicated speaker for low frequencies, and they allows the deepest notes in the entire musical spectrum to be played to great effect; and that’s why we offer subwoofer hire in London and the surrounding areas.

At London Disco Hire, our services are dedicated to ensuring the success of your event, and our subwoofers are well able to satisfy even the most fervent bass-enthusiast, and thus infuse your event with just the right atmosphere. What’s more, our knowledgeable team are always on hand to ensure that you obtain the perfect amount of bass in your live sound, so even if you’re no expert yourself, your event will still always be a hit. For more information, contact us now.

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