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Summer’s here, and if you haven’t thrown an outdoor party yet… what have you been doing?! Summer is the only season when it’s perfectly acceptable to drink during the day, wear hardly any clothes and of course, party and BBQ at every opportune moment!


Summer parties, if the weather’s behaving, are easily the best and most enjoyable of all party styles and encourage everyone to have a blast whilst catching a cheeky tan line or two. Whether it’s your birthday, graduation celebration or just a good excuse for a knees-up – here are our top party tips to making sure your summer event is a good’un!



If you’re lucky enough to have a massive garden – use it! (ask permission from the owners if it isn’t yours first though!) Gardens are the ideal place for lounging by a paddling pool, lying on the grass and dancing the night away in the relaxing atmosphere of the great outdoors! Gardens are great for outdoor events, and if it’s your own, it means it is completely rent-free, allowing you to spend more of the budget on drinks and snacks.



Music is the key to any successful party! Here at London Disco Hire, we offer a huge range of equipment and DJ mixer hire in London, allowing you to provide whatever music your sunshine party requires. If you have friends that are in a band, ask them to perform as everybody loves a bit of live music! Think about your guests tastes and ages though when choosing your music genre, and for late-night boogieing, get a DJ friend to play some era classics to keep everybody happy and dancing!

Food and Drink


The beauty of a summertime garden party is that everybody is there to have a good time, so there isn’t too much pressure on supplying amazing food or perfectly cocktail-created drinks. Most people will be happy with a can of beer and a good old savoury buffet – so get the sausage rolls, quiche and chicken drumsticks ready! Summer parties also allow you to get a little creative with your ideas, so why not give your guests some awesome alcoholic ice lollies?

Whether planning a summer party, a mini-festival or a corporate event, here at London Disco Hire, we are dedicated to providing top quality equipment and all lighting and party additions to make your event a unique success! For further information please get in contact with our friendly and helpful team on 020 3333 4444 or drop us an email at!




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