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Top 3 Tips for Disco Lighting


The right lighting is very important to a good disco; too bright and people won’t want to dance, too dark and people won’t be able to see. If you want to use lighting to create the right atmosphere for your event, here are some tips.

1. The right number of lights

The size of your venue will affect the number of lights you need – a small dance floor can be well lit with just a couple of disco lights, whereas in a larger space you’ll need to add more. You need to strike the right balance in lighting so that people will be able to see where they’re going and recognise their friends, but won’t be too intimidated to take to the dance floor because they feel like they’re on a stage.

2. The right effects

laser_effects.jpgModern technology means that there are a wide range of lighting effects that you can choose from. For a simple, easy-to-use but effective light show, you can get LED strips which change colour in time to the music, or focus a light on a traditional mirror ball for light that scatters all around the room. You can get more complex effects with gobos, DMX controls to mix your lights from the DJ desk, and much more. For some events, you may even want to hire a smoke machine, to set off laser light effects to their finest.



3. The right positioning

Positioning is perhaps the most important aspect of disco lighting; it can make the difference between a so-so atmosphere and an amazing one. Two main factors need to be considered; firstly getting the right coverage so that you don’t have overly bright spots and dark corners, and secondly positioning the lights so that they aren’t glaring in the eyes of your audience. Portable lighting stands and trusses give you the flexibility to achieve exactly the right effect in any room.

Here at London Disco Hire, we offer lighting trussing hire in London as well as disco lighting hire in London, to make sure that you can create the best possible atmosphere for your event. Just call us on 020 3333 4444 to speak to our team today.

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