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Top Songs to Get Your Party Going

We’ve all been there; you’re throwing a party and the atmosphere just isn’t quite there yet. Do you accept what seems inevitable and take a seat to watch people file out? Or do you take arms against the oppression of a bad atmosphere and work hard to get the atmosphere going yourself? The latter option is of course reserved for those brave few that value the party over all else, but if you are one of the chosen ones then you may just have what it takes to turn that flop of a party into something that people talk about for years to come. There are a few not-so-secret weapons that you can use in order to breathe life back into the party; one of the major factors is the music. Get that right and the rest of the puzzle will simply fall into place. There are certain songs that will instantly strike a chord with your entire party; these songs have the power to single-handedly change the atmosphere. Below we have compiled a list of ten such songs; please use them carefully.

1. House of Pain- Jump Around This one is a real classic, and is a great way to get everyone po-going for it.


2. Outkast- Hey Ya Bound to be at least one of your guests all time favourite tracks, this song is like an intravenous injection of atmosphere (polaroids may be harmed in the making of this party).  

3. ABC- Jackson 5 We couldn’t possibly leave this one out; the upbeat tone and tempo of this song mark it out as a great way to fill the dance floor.


4. Love Shack- B52’s This one is not to everyone’s tastes, but has undoubtedly earned its place in this top ten. Even those that do not like it will most likely have a partner that drags them to the floor anyway.


5. Push It- Salt and Pepper A great one to get those self conscious dancers up on their feet, this track will prompt the best out of all of your dancing guests.


6. Dancing Queen- Abba To be honest it doesn’t even have to be Dancing Queen; anything from the Swedish four-piece will do your party the world of good.


7. Night Fever- Bee Gees Need we say anything about this track; just strap in and get ready for plenty of John Travolta impressions.


8. Single Ladies- Beyonce This lady could not escape a mention. There are far too many classics to list, but you will find out why this one was singled out as soon as you hit ‘play’.

9. Gold Digger- Kanye West The incredible rhythm to this song speaks for itself. Make sure to lock down the DJ booth against Kanye-esque take over’s.

10. Billie Jean- Michael Jackson This top ten would not be complete without a mention for the King of Pop himself; if any guest does not dance to this then it is your duty to get them from their chair.



Every single one of these tracks is sure to get your guests up and dancing, but there is one further thing that you need to cover; how you play them. Don’t do it through an mp3 dock, these tracks are surely worth more than that. No guests will want to get up and dance if the sound is tinny and sharp. Here at London Disco Hire we specialise in providing all of your Disco Hire London needs, and can make sure that your speakers are apt enough to get your party off to a flying start. If you are unsure of exactly what equipment you need, then feel free to contact us today or pop into our office for a brew and a chat.

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