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Why Use a DJ Stand?

Whether you are just starting out as a DJ or have been at it for some time, the addition of a DJ stand to your equipment will enhance your performance greatly. These stands are perfectly designed to make everything easier for DJs by putting things exactly where they need to be. Here are the best reasons why to use them and here at London Disco we have a great range available to hire for all your DJ needs.


1. Look Professional

So you find yourself performing your DJ set at a high profile event everybody knows you need to make a good first impression, so look the part. Using a purpose-made DJ stand will make you stand out as a professional instead of being that guy that used a work bench or wallpapering table, and more likely to be hired again!

2. Easier to use

DJ stands are built with you, the DJ, in mind. These stands have purpose sized parts to hold your CDJs and mixers as well as risen platforms for your laptop all positioned in the right places to make your DJ set run as smooth as possible.

3. Wow Factor

Some of the larger DJ stand rigs offer a goal post option that includes a bar above the top of your set up to hang lights from. This can really change the dynamic of the dance floor, especially if the event you are performing at hasn’t the best lighting available giving it that wow factor.

After reading this we hope you understand how important the right stands can be for your DJ experience and career. Get in touch with London disco for the best rates on DJ stand hire in London on 020 3333 4444 or contact us via email to discuss the perfect option for you. 

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